We live in an aischrolatreian society...

...so you can't tell me that I'm wrong!

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The Clinton-lovin' Communist
7 June 1974

I Love My Dog!
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This used to be my favorite show. Shut up.

Taken September 30th, 2007 by me.

No matter how you felt towards him as a person, there is no doubt that Michael Jackson and his family have had a tremendous impact on the world of music and our music culture. The entire family of Jackson children are brimming with talent, from Michael to Janet to Rebbie to the Jackson 5; they are music royalty for a reason. They deserve all the praise that they are getting and then some for permanently making their mark on our pop culture history.
There will never be another Jackson Family in our lifetime and definitely never another Michael.
The world will miss him much, but will celebrate his life with his and his family's music.


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