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We live in an aischrolatreian society... [entries|friends|calendar]
The Clinton-lovin' Communist

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Things are still here. [28 May 2037|02:29am]
I've just moved things around for a little while. :)

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You know what...the thought dawns on me that... [25 Dec 2027|05:00am]
...when you die--long before he dies, more probably and so hopefully--the world will be one less of a jerkoff.

You see, I know I can be a raging cunt--to those who deserve it. You? You're just a terribly-demeanored hot-tempered cunt who could never truly laugh at himself (and the jokes you make towards others around you aren't witty nor clever, but are spiteful and mean [and that's the truly sad part--you would be a nice guy if you weren't such a spitefully mean, envious and selfish* douchebag]). You thought we were making fun of you. You always think the world is out to get you (whether you consciously think so or not), so instead of reacting like a normal human being, you react explosively. You do this offline, but the online community's also had a taste of what you're like. Woohoo, you're kind and bending over backwards to old people through your job. It wouldn't be the first time that an utter waste of flesh held a steady people-related job well on the outside and had a whole other side to them otherwise (wasn't John Wayne Gacy a children's party clown?).

Man, I'm sorry that your former psychotic hubby abused you like he did. I really am. But that's still no excuse to be a raging bitch whenever the mood strikes (that being, whenever things don't go your way). And if that's the way you were before you even married that psycho (as implied by you yourself), then your personality probably didn't help his psychotic issues...and that's sad, because one should never feel like it's okay to blame the victim, even if the victim had a part in facilitating abuse.

I wrote what I wrote because otherwise it would've gone unrealized because you've got him so wrapped up in this relationship of yours that he's lost all sight of what he used to be before your stinking ass was shoved into his face and vice versa (again, that's my one true regret in my entire life, and that's saying something). I wish I had never been a meddling asshole and I wish I had never pushed you two together, because it changed him from a lively, free-thinking, do-what-he-could-who-gives-a-fuck-I'm-fat-and-I'm-proud-gimme-that-pudding-non-corporate-artist to a mindless corporate drone of an abused housewife (mentally speaking). He does what you want to lessen the amount of explosive tantrums--anyone would, in that situation. You have him happily trapped, because he's too nice, too blind and too insecure of a guy to leave you. "Marrying" him helped you put a lock on that.

And I wrote what I wrote when I wrote it because I sure as Hell didn't want to expose Chelle to anymore of your bullshit. I didn't want to endanger her life or mine each time we got into your car with you and you got pissed off at something random and started driving like everyone on the road was in YOUR way. Thank you, asshole, for putting everyone in the car at risk because you were pissed off. I can only hope and pray that your Outer Asshole doesn't some day get him killed. Chelle doesn't like the shit that she's seen you pull either, so I speak for her when I write all of this.

I wish I could blame you wholly for the destruction of mine and his best friendship, but we all had a role in it. Mine was perhaps the biggest, seeing that I'm the one who got you two together. But yours was the second biggest role in it, seeing that you couldn't stand to see us keep the relationship that we had whenever you were around (or even not around). Thank you, BTW, for making his life a living Hell during that time when you were deep-down satisfied that you'd caused a schism between us with that lying/manipulation that near-year that we weren't talking. Don't think that I don't know what you did when that was happening. It "surprised" you when I found the bullshit you wrote in your alternate diary, so you're really not as smart and secretive as you think you are (pathetic). His role is...well, he knows what his role is and doesn't want to do anything about it/doesn't want to grow up, be a man and put his foot down on your shitty behavior. You've succeeded in convincing him that putting up with your shit is worth more to him than proactively being the best friend that he was to me before (funny how "bros before hos" only applies when you're not the ho), so congrats on that.

So you won. You won, after all of your little pissy tantrums, your bitchy comments, your manipulation--you won! Doesn't it feel great to win? Sure would make a mother proud to see the kind of big man her little girl's become.

One day he just might grow up as well. You best watch out for that, because grown ups don't put up with the kind of bullshit you dole out. They grow up out of innocent blind eyes and start to see things for what they really are, not for how you've painted over them to be. G-d help you when that happens.

*Selfish as in you sure didn't want to share his brotherly love with anyone but yourself, though if it was just a problem with me, then you're just a fucking asshole who didn't and refused to comprehend the kind of relationship we did have.

EDIT, JUNE, 2008: P.P.S. If you really think that your celebration matters in the grand scope of things, your ego (and guilt that seems to make you think about us in the first place) is much more bloated than originally thought. But hey, whatever makes you feel good, right? Felt sooooooo good to finally be rid of two of those pesky "friends" of Dean's that he would've--G-d forbid--had to take time out of your precious totalitarian rule over his life. But hey, thanks for scaring the Hell of out Chelle during the times when we did hang out, too. Really appreciate that. Big man you are.

Oh irony towards the people who come commenting here randomly and off-topically. I probably should've turned off comments, LOL.

EDIT, JULY 2011: Opening this post again because it's true and even more ironic, as the asshole that I addressed this to was incapable of keeping my ex-best-friend happily sheltered in a house of their own because he was too stupid about his loan and his job (as if we didn't see all of this coming). Yeah, they lost their jobs and their house and had to move away to Mommy's (dickwad in this posts's mommy, not Dean's).
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[06 Aug 2011|05:21pm]

My patch is still better.

1. Mine's movie-perfect.

2. Mine does not have that stupid "TM"/trademark bullshit screwing up the design of the patch.

3. Mine does not have that stupid silver outline. They did this for all of the patches--they put a colored outline on them. That's not how they look on the school robes in the movie. Not at all.

They ALWAYS have to screw up the official merch, don't they.

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... [16 Jul 2011|10:01am]
I have but one post to make, as I will be curled up in a ball of emo-Potter-depression for months.

Not because the movie series is over. No...it'll be because of this:

#HP7 Pt. 2, ripping your heart out since 7/15/2011!  ( Severu... on Twitpic


Two giant "FUCK YOOOOOU!!!!11" birds from me to Kloves...for once, his additions/re-writes/modifications to the series added something valuable to this franchise.

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Writer's Block: Following the leader [21 Feb 2011|01:33pm]
Let's say you're running for president, and you win by a mudslide. What would you change about your country and why? Would you make new laws? Paint the White House blue? Tell all!

Let's say you're running for president, and you win by a mudslide.

"i'm kyra/kj, your average lazy perfectionist, and procrastination, writing, and drawing are always on top of my to-dos.

i'm the weird, awkward, queit bookworm who has no friends inside of school."

Translation: I'm a fucking retarded product of today's educational system. I will be propped up by parents who don't give a shit and teachers who give even less of a shit, and I will remain illiterate for the rest of my life because of that. I'm the FUTURE, so you can count on me being an actual presidential candidate one day.


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A quote from Zeke. [20 Nov 2010|12:00am]
I posted this quote over at Facebook, but I think it fitting to repost here, given that this is the place to bitch about things.

I can hardly wait to finish this year’s Life Sci class of the retards from the bottomless pits of Hades. I should have taken a course from Dr. Frank N. Stein on how to transplant platypus brains into empty skulls.

In our last conversation, he told me that the colleges (any and all of them) are getting so desperate for students (because college is $$$) that they will accept anybody. At his school, where it USED to be that science geeks went to go get smarter, they're accepting people with a combined 700 SAT score.


After having taught at UMass for 30+ years, he's very far embittered by the sheer idiocy of today's youth and college kids. I don't blame him, because I see it every damned day myself.

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This is to that one special person. Plus other thoughts. [12 Oct 2010|07:37am]
This is an open post.

I'll try to keep it short. 99% of you reading this now will have to understand that this doesn't apply to you. I love *all* of my LJ friends. I don't love this person, and in fact...I fucking despise him. So here it is:

If he ever commits suicide, I will blame you. Of course, I would be shouldering the blame as well, since it's my fault that you're stuck together, but most of the blame belongs to you because you're such a fucking dick.

I can tell he's depressed. Gee, wonder why that could be?

But yeah. If he ends up dead by his own hand, the blame will mostly belong to your sad sack of a psycho ass who thinks he can become a novelist when he can't even fucking spell (neither of you can, but he's still young and ignorant...you have no excuse for your stupidity).


Ahh, that's better.


So what is everyone up to these days? It's almost a ghost town over here, save for my community activity. Me, I plan on finishing up some reading and likely proceeding with That Old Nano Project I conceived of about four years ago but only put in the research (before my old computer ate one of the chapters). *I* plan on turning that into a short fiction novel...hopefully it'll be good because I can spell.

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Wow, what a complete idiot. Why did I friend this guy to begin with? [04 Sep 2010|04:19pm]

(he yelled that tea party people were "tea baggers" - i told him i didn't like the term as it was insulting - he went off on a rant about how he wasn't going to be "politically correct" for anyone - i deleted him.)

For the record, I did no "yelling" of the sort. I made a benign (or what I THOUGHT was a benign) comment that wasn't even targeting the Tea Partiers, but instead of referring to them as Tea Partiers, I referred to them as Tea Baggers. Lil' Miss Bitch came back with a tart and snide comment about how he wasn't going to reply to "such puerility"/me being insulting, after which I inquired how I was being insulting--to which he replied that *he* was not insulted, but that using the term "Tea Bagger" was insulting.


And it was after that that I told him that I would not play tippy-toe around-in-an-eggshelled-Politically Correct gameroom with anyone, and that policing language is something that both the far right and the far left are most adept at, though I emphasized that it's a lefty thing to be politically correct. I guess that must've really pissed him off (A neocon being called leftist! Oh noez!), to which he then deleted me without partaking in the *actual* conversation about the topic at hand...which really had no bearing on whether I referred to Tea Partiers as Tea Baggers, Tea Fuckers, Mr. T Fuckers or Crazy Racist Scumbag Fuckwads (Note: Not all Tea Partiers are Crazy Racist Scumbag Fuckwads*, but some are, which is why I can't align myself with them).

And to go off on how his poor sig o left him/likening what happened to such in his life...well. That's just creepy, and shows that someone's got issues. Really, really deep issues.

Thus ends a benign political alliance, via the Crazy that came out of one party because I "didn't insult him, but used an insulting term" (because, yanno, "Tea Baggers" is on par with the n-word, r-word and f-word [f-word in gay terminology, not "fuck"]). Forget what I really had to say about whateverthefuckitwas (I sincerely forget what the topic was)--let's focus on the use of "Tea Baggers"!


*It's not the traditional type of racism that disturbs me about the movement. It's kind of hard for me to explain, but ever since the inception of the Tea Party, I just couldn't get with them. After the election, I couldn't stomach anything to do with politics, so I avoided it like the plague. As it is right now, I am in my Happy Medium Space where it seems like very few want to be in--it's either all the way to the damned left or all the way to the damned right. I prefer to be in a place that is rational and more importantly, fair. It's not quite fair to throw hissies over a fellow's terminology; in fact, by letting someone be open and honest, you will learn a lot about their positions/standpoints. I.e., you can either think that I think very little of Tea Partiers in general if I refer to them as "Tea Baggers", OR you can think that I don't give a crap about how they are referenced (or, in another scenario, you could think that I'm using it wryly/sardonically). I sure as Hell don't give a crap what you say about whomever it is you're talking about; if someone is using the term "faggot" or "n*gger" over and over again, I take in the context and then make my judgments afterwards. For future reference.

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Writer's Block: They had it coming [08 Jul 2010|06:10am]
If you could drop a character from your favorite TV show, who would you off and how would it happen?

Dr. Douchebag Taub on House. He is useless without Kutner as a "partner", but he has always been smarmy and useless from the beginning.

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Writer's Block: Mystery meat [31 May 2010|08:31am]
What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten? What made it so gross?

Probably the durian fruit.


If I wanted to eat something that tasted like slimy, sweaty ass, I'd eat a slimy, sweaty ass.

Apparently the people who raised me love the taste of slimy, sweaty assfruit, too. They ordered the durian flavored gelato last time we were in Chinatown. I nearly puked in the parlor when I tried to have a taste (I'd eaten the actual fruit before because my mother's an asshole and buys that shit whenever she wants to annoy me).

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[30 May 2010|04:20am]
Scenario: You are a famous celebrity living in a rural community. Some author who wants to write a book about you moves in next door to you. This guy in the past has written things that you consider to be bullshit/yellow journalism. Your natural reaction is...what? The guy's an asshole, a stalker and CREEPY. Yes? Of course, so you build a large fence so he can't snoop in on your daily life. Anyone disagree with this? No, not really, because it's natural for a celebrity to try and protect their privacy.

And yet here we are, with that exact scenario and every damned media outlet is treating the celebrity like she's a complete moron: Because she is Sarah Palin.

Shut the motherfucking FUCK up and listen to reason for just one second, lefties. You KNOW that if this was any other celebrity/public figure, you'd be outraged (unless you don't have any concept of privacy or boundaries). If Jerry Oppenheimer moved in next door to Martha Stewart "just 'cuz" while he stated quite clearly that he was researching/writing another book about Martha (because, you know, one needs to move all the way across the country & next door to the subject to write a biography about them), you'd be suspicious of his presence.

No, but because it's Sarah Palin, the media gives us this kind of crap over and over:

Sarah Palin's So-Called Stalker Joe McGinniss Accuses Palins Of Stalking Him ("So-called"?)

The Stupidity of Sarah Palin, Part 32,459

Not to mention the HURR HURR SHE'S SO STEWPID bullshit comments of all the trolls agreeing with these idiotic HuffPo talking heads.

What the Hell's wrong with the media in this country? Why is it always the foreign press that has to point out the obvious? If it weren't so trite at this point, I'd do my own version of "LEEEEAVE SAAAARAAAAH PAAAALIIIIN ALOOOOOOONE!", but you can consider my mini-ranty rant here just that.

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For all the cat lovers out there, this one is for you. [29 May 2010|11:44am]
Click to watch video

More videos at

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I love this song and had to post it. [28 May 2010|01:05pm]

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Writer's Block: BFFs [20 May 2010|08:11am]
If you had to pick a character from your favorite TV show back in middle school to be your best friend today, who would you choose, and why? Have you outgrown some of the characters you loved when you were an early adolescent?

Uh...Alf? LOL...I would love ALF as my BFF. Except for the cat eating.

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It's not about respect, it's about intolerance towards intolerance. [15 May 2010|10:37am]
This whole "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" has gotten out of hand. For the best or worst, I've yet to see.

But one thing that should be pointed out, from the very beginning: This is not about the South Park boys depicting Mohammed. Those lovely assholes from RevolutionMuslim made this crappily veiled threat:

"We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show," the posting said. A photo of Van Gogh's body lying in the street was included with the original posting, which has been unavailable to some Web users since news of the item broke earlier this week. "This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them."

without anyone blinking an eye towards the reality, and that reality is: Theo Van Gogh was not butchered in broad daylight over depicting Mohammed. He was butchered in broad daylight for producing a short film ["Submission", written by his friend (and my hero) Ayaan Hirsi Ali] that criticized Islam, in particular the (mis)treatment of women in Islam (and to this day, Hirsi Ali still has a price on her head for it, and the fact that she is an apostate of Islam).

With that one fact illuminated, the entire argument against not drawing/depicting Mohammed "out of respect" for the religion falls right out of the bottomless pail. Islamists like those at RevolutionMuslim do not give a shit about whether you draw Mohammed or not; they give a shit that everyone bow to their every desire, every whim of what they interpret as a way of life. Draw Mohammed in a cartoon for years? DEATH! Criticize Islam's fundamental shortcomings in a short film? DEATH! Become an apostate of Islam and criticize as one? DEATH! Freedom? DEATH! (And then there's the recent Lars Vilks incident that occurred during a lecture on...ironically...free speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyExaO4jzD0&NR=1)

For a "peaceful" religion, there sure seems to be a lot of death and violence being called for.

That's not to mention the abject hatred I've encountered. No, not by the usual trolls on the EDMD pages who defeat the purpose of EDMD by drawing Mohammed fucking pigs/eating shit; by the Muslims who troll the pages, attempting to "enlighten" us all about just how peaceful the religion is and how we will all die by Allah's sword for taking part in EDMD.

As of this writing, Facebook has allowed a *true* hate group to flourish unchecked. It has allowed this photo to stay on its servers, along with the hateful comments left by such purveyors of "peace":

Talha Arees Hitler was good for humanity :):).That's why he remove many jews as possible as he can, form this world and save us but some of them still alive but ,he was a hero!...May Allah create an other Hitler for this bloody israel Ameen!
December 14, 2009 at 12:08pm

I haven't seen so much Jew-hating in my life since I used to do reports back to a watchdog website (won't name which one) regarding hate groups using free web services to spew their bull. Are these Islamists so damned thick in the head that they can't comprehend the irony of their calling for Facebook to ban "islamic and mohamed hate groups" [sic] that comes from a group called "We Hate America nd Israel" [sic]? Or, like any other errata and inconsistencies in their dogma that non-Muslims point out was written by Islamic Scholars, do they just not care how any of this hypocrisy looks?

Apologists would say that the people of RevolutionMuslim are a fringe group, that most of the people making threats or pouring on the hate real thick are "extremists". Really? Because this second asshole doesn't look like an "extremist" to me (this would be a good time to explain that this is what happens when a Peaceful Religionist meets with "an extremist"):

Syed Zaim Al-Edruce I'm joining just to say this. This group is totally a contradiction of our believes. I personally am a Muslim and I don't agree with this group being made. Personally because god thought us to love human beings in their entirety, despite race or religion. Yes jews have insulted Islam but fighting fire with fire will only make a bigger fire. Like Gandhi said, an eye for an eye makes the world blind. You want to justify our religion? Don't start a stupid Facebook group instead go out and lecture the world and spread the love for which Islam teaches. And the internet, Facebook in particular is no place to discuss about religion. Shut down this group. You're not better than the Jews that insulted Islam.
April 10 at 8:00am

Syedz A Shaker its not like that...
we, muslims must fight against jews because it is said in Al-Quran..
Even if they dont' insult us, they must be against...
if you dont believe me,
then you should check in Al-Quran.....
April 10 at 8:05am

-- From "We Hate Israel, Yahudi, Jews,... LaknatuLlah!!"

So either Shaker's misreading the Quran, or there's a whole lot of other Shakers in the world who think like he does and does as he does (which includes watching movies/TV and listening to music that are haraam according to the interpretations of the Quran by scholars on popular websites [1, 2], all the while calling for the destruction of the West (and Jews)). I tend to lean towards believing the latter, from all of the bullshit I've read written by so-called "peaceful" people.

That said...I don't cave to death threats over something that I've created, whether it be in writing or in art. If someone wants to put a price on my head for drawing Mohammed, then that's their prerogative (and also the very definition of batshit insane). Artists can't let anyone, including religious zealots, dictate what is to be depicted in our art, especially when the same zealots are extreme hypocrites.

(EDIT) Someone tried to burn down Lars Vilks's house last night. Peaceful.

(EDIT 2, after I made the comments below) Even classier: http://www.facebook.com/ozmaadnan?ref=mf#!/pages/May-20-Everybody-Ridicule-Draw-Holocaust-Day/123697080976768

Because, you know, drawing even a respectful, nice drawing of Mo is tantamount to drawing pictures of the Holocaust.

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Writer's Block: Pet central [05 May 2010|06:34am]
Some animal rights activists are fighting to replace the term 'owner' with 'guardian' to convey a more balanced relationship between a person and her or his pet. Do you agree or disagree with the importance of this mission?

I don't care about animal rights activists, but I have taken "owner" out of my vocab and have been using "guardian" for a while now. I don't think it's to "convey a more balanced relationship between a person and his pet". It's to remove the connotation that pets are merely property, and to emphasize the importance of pets as companions and family members (which is something you can't get from something you own).

One of the dogs I "guard" just flopped over on the bed in his sleepiness. I think he knows I'm writing about him.

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Writer's Block: Tolerance 101? [29 Apr 2010|03:13am]
If you could create/select a new subject that had to be taught in high school, what would it be, and why?

1. Logic & Critical Thinking 101

2. REAL Life Skills 101

3. How to REALLY Prevent Teen Pregnancy & STDs

4. The Respectable Way to Speak & Write English

5. Human Development from Pubescence to 25

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And this is why you should all rent (or buy, since it's prolly cheap) Under the Cherry Moon. [17 Apr 2010|06:38pm]

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[31 Mar 2010|12:48pm]

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LET IT BE KNOWN THAT [29 Mar 2010|04:51pm]



In a blog posting on his Web site, singer Ricky Martin came out over the weekend, confirming he's gay.

In related news, the Pacific Ocean posted on its Facebook page that it is, in fact, wet.


(EDIT) A better article about it: http://blog.seattlepi.com/hottopics/archives/199949.asp

I used to have a pop culture thing on my website...and it had a picture of him with a huge American flag, but it was so...GAY. Gay as all Hell. He was in the same pose as one of Daniel Radcliffe's recent poses in a photo spread that I saw.

DANRAD, YOU'RE NEXT MOFO. JACK 2 (Gay Fakin'/Clay Aiken), CLOSET 0.

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