The Clinton-lovin' Communist (theclamsman) wrote,
The Clinton-lovin' Communist

This is to that one special person. Plus other thoughts.

This is an open post.

I'll try to keep it short. 99% of you reading this now will have to understand that this doesn't apply to you. I love *all* of my LJ friends. I don't love this person, and in fact...I fucking despise him. So here it is:

If he ever commits suicide, I will blame you. Of course, I would be shouldering the blame as well, since it's my fault that you're stuck together, but most of the blame belongs to you because you're such a fucking dick.

I can tell he's depressed. Gee, wonder why that could be?

But yeah. If he ends up dead by his own hand, the blame will mostly belong to your sad sack of a psycho ass who thinks he can become a novelist when he can't even fucking spell (neither of you can, but he's still young and have no excuse for your stupidity).


Ahh, that's better.


So what is everyone up to these days? It's almost a ghost town over here, save for my community activity. Me, I plan on finishing up some reading and likely proceeding with That Old Nano Project I conceived of about four years ago but only put in the research (before my old computer ate one of the chapters). *I* plan on turning that into a short fiction novel...hopefully it'll be good because I can spell.

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