The Clinton-lovin' Communist (theclamsman) wrote,
The Clinton-lovin' Communist

Wow, what a complete idiot. Why did I friend this guy to begin with?

(he yelled that tea party people were "tea baggers" - i told him i didn't like the term as it was insulting - he went off on a rant about how he wasn't going to be "politically correct" for anyone - i deleted him.)

For the record, I did no "yelling" of the sort. I made a benign (or what I THOUGHT was a benign) comment that wasn't even targeting the Tea Partiers, but instead of referring to them as Tea Partiers, I referred to them as Tea Baggers. Lil' Miss Bitch came back with a tart and snide comment about how he wasn't going to reply to "such puerility"/me being insulting, after which I inquired how I was being insulting--to which he replied that *he* was not insulted, but that using the term "Tea Bagger" was insulting.


And it was after that that I told him that I would not play tippy-toe around-in-an-eggshelled-Politically Correct gameroom with anyone, and that policing language is something that both the far right and the far left are most adept at, though I emphasized that it's a lefty thing to be politically correct. I guess that must've really pissed him off (A neocon being called leftist! Oh noez!), to which he then deleted me without partaking in the *actual* conversation about the topic at hand...which really had no bearing on whether I referred to Tea Partiers as Tea Baggers, Tea Fuckers, Mr. T Fuckers or Crazy Racist Scumbag Fuckwads (Note: Not all Tea Partiers are Crazy Racist Scumbag Fuckwads*, but some are, which is why I can't align myself with them).

And to go off on how his poor sig o left him/likening what happened to such in his life...well. That's just creepy, and shows that someone's got issues. Really, really deep issues.

Thus ends a benign political alliance, via the Crazy that came out of one party because I "didn't insult him, but used an insulting term" (because, yanno, "Tea Baggers" is on par with the n-word, r-word and f-word [f-word in gay terminology, not "fuck"]). Forget what I really had to say about whateverthefuckitwas (I sincerely forget what the topic was)--let's focus on the use of "Tea Baggers"!


*It's not the traditional type of racism that disturbs me about the movement. It's kind of hard for me to explain, but ever since the inception of the Tea Party, I just couldn't get with them. After the election, I couldn't stomach anything to do with politics, so I avoided it like the plague. As it is right now, I am in my Happy Medium Space where it seems like very few want to be in--it's either all the way to the damned left or all the way to the damned right. I prefer to be in a place that is rational and more importantly, fair. It's not quite fair to throw hissies over a fellow's terminology; in fact, by letting someone be open and honest, you will learn a lot about their positions/standpoints. I.e., you can either think that I think very little of Tea Partiers in general if I refer to them as "Tea Baggers", OR you can think that I don't give a crap about how they are referenced (or, in another scenario, you could think that I'm using it wryly/sardonically). I sure as Hell don't give a crap what you say about whomever it is you're talking about; if someone is using the term "faggot" or "n*gger" over and over again, I take in the context and then make my judgments afterwards. For future reference.

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