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It's not about respect, it's about intolerance towards intolerance.

This whole "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" has gotten out of hand. For the best or worst, I've yet to see.

But one thing that should be pointed out, from the very beginning: This is not about the South Park boys depicting Mohammed. Those lovely assholes from RevolutionMuslim made this crappily veiled threat:

"We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show," the posting said. A photo of Van Gogh's body lying in the street was included with the original posting, which has been unavailable to some Web users since news of the item broke earlier this week. "This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them."

without anyone blinking an eye towards the reality, and that reality is: Theo Van Gogh was not butchered in broad daylight over depicting Mohammed. He was butchered in broad daylight for producing a short film ["Submission", written by his friend (and my hero) Ayaan Hirsi Ali] that criticized Islam, in particular the (mis)treatment of women in Islam (and to this day, Hirsi Ali still has a price on her head for it, and the fact that she is an apostate of Islam).

With that one fact illuminated, the entire argument against not drawing/depicting Mohammed "out of respect" for the religion falls right out of the bottomless pail. Islamists like those at RevolutionMuslim do not give a shit about whether you draw Mohammed or not; they give a shit that everyone bow to their every desire, every whim of what they interpret as a way of life. Draw Mohammed in a cartoon for years? DEATH! Criticize Islam's fundamental shortcomings in a short film? DEATH! Become an apostate of Islam and criticize as one? DEATH! Freedom? DEATH! (And then there's the recent Lars Vilks incident that occurred during a lecture speech:

For a "peaceful" religion, there sure seems to be a lot of death and violence being called for.

That's not to mention the abject hatred I've encountered. No, not by the usual trolls on the EDMD pages who defeat the purpose of EDMD by drawing Mohammed fucking pigs/eating shit; by the Muslims who troll the pages, attempting to "enlighten" us all about just how peaceful the religion is and how we will all die by Allah's sword for taking part in EDMD.

As of this writing, Facebook has allowed a *true* hate group to flourish unchecked. It has allowed this photo to stay on its servers, along with the hateful comments left by such purveyors of "peace":

Talha Arees Hitler was good for humanity :):).That's why he remove many jews as possible as he can, form this world and save us but some of them still alive but ,he was a hero!...May Allah create an other Hitler for this bloody israel Ameen!
December 14, 2009 at 12:08pm

I haven't seen so much Jew-hating in my life since I used to do reports back to a watchdog website (won't name which one) regarding hate groups using free web services to spew their bull. Are these Islamists so damned thick in the head that they can't comprehend the irony of their calling for Facebook to ban "islamic and mohamed hate groups" [sic] that comes from a group called "We Hate America nd Israel" [sic]? Or, like any other errata and inconsistencies in their dogma that non-Muslims point out was written by Islamic Scholars, do they just not care how any of this hypocrisy looks?

Apologists would say that the people of RevolutionMuslim are a fringe group, that most of the people making threats or pouring on the hate real thick are "extremists". Really? Because this second asshole doesn't look like an "extremist" to me (this would be a good time to explain that this is what happens when a Peaceful Religionist meets with "an extremist"):

Syed Zaim Al-Edruce I'm joining just to say this. This group is totally a contradiction of our believes. I personally am a Muslim and I don't agree with this group being made. Personally because god thought us to love human beings in their entirety, despite race or religion. Yes jews have insulted Islam but fighting fire with fire will only make a bigger fire. Like Gandhi said, an eye for an eye makes the world blind. You want to justify our religion? Don't start a stupid Facebook group instead go out and lecture the world and spread the love for which Islam teaches. And the internet, Facebook in particular is no place to discuss about religion. Shut down this group. You're not better than the Jews that insulted Islam.
April 10 at 8:00am

Syedz A Shaker its not like that...
we, muslims must fight against jews because it is said in Al-Quran..
Even if they dont' insult us, they must be against...
if you dont believe me,
then you should check in Al-Quran.....
April 10 at 8:05am

-- From "We Hate Israel, Yahudi, Jews,... LaknatuLlah!!"

So either Shaker's misreading the Quran, or there's a whole lot of other Shakers in the world who think like he does and does as he does (which includes watching movies/TV and listening to music that are haraam according to the interpretations of the Quran by scholars on popular websites [1, 2], all the while calling for the destruction of the West (and Jews)). I tend to lean towards believing the latter, from all of the bullshit I've read written by so-called "peaceful" people.

That said...I don't cave to death threats over something that I've created, whether it be in writing or in art. If someone wants to put a price on my head for drawing Mohammed, then that's their prerogative (and also the very definition of batshit insane). Artists can't let anyone, including religious zealots, dictate what is to be depicted in our art, especially when the same zealots are extreme hypocrites.

(EDIT) Someone tried to burn down Lars Vilks's house last night. Peaceful.

(EDIT 2, after I made the comments below) Even classier:!/pages/May-20-Everybody-Ridicule-Draw-Holocaust-Day/123697080976768

Because, you know, drawing even a respectful, nice drawing of Mo is tantamount to drawing pictures of the Holocaust.

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