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You know what...the thought dawns on me that...

...when you die--long before he dies, more probably and so hopefully--the world will be one less of a jerkoff.

You see, I know I can be a raging cunt--to those who deserve it. You? You're just a terribly-demeanored hot-tempered cunt who could never truly laugh at himself (and the jokes you make towards others around you aren't witty nor clever, but are spiteful and mean [and that's the truly sad part--you would be a nice guy if you weren't such a spitefully mean, envious and selfish* douchebag]). You thought we were making fun of you. You always think the world is out to get you (whether you consciously think so or not), so instead of reacting like a normal human being, you react explosively. You do this offline, but the online community's also had a taste of what you're like. Woohoo, you're kind and bending over backwards to old people through your job. It wouldn't be the first time that an utter waste of flesh held a steady people-related job well on the outside and had a whole other side to them otherwise (wasn't John Wayne Gacy a children's party clown?).

Man, I'm sorry that your former psychotic hubby abused you like he did. I really am. But that's still no excuse to be a raging bitch whenever the mood strikes (that being, whenever things don't go your way). And if that's the way you were before you even married that psycho (as implied by you yourself), then your personality probably didn't help his psychotic issues...and that's sad, because one should never feel like it's okay to blame the victim, even if the victim had a part in facilitating abuse.

I wrote what I wrote because otherwise it would've gone unrealized because you've got him so wrapped up in this relationship of yours that he's lost all sight of what he used to be before your stinking ass was shoved into his face and vice versa (again, that's my one true regret in my entire life, and that's saying something). I wish I had never been a meddling asshole and I wish I had never pushed you two together, because it changed him from a lively, free-thinking, do-what-he-could-who-gives-a-fuck-I'm-fat-and-I'm-proud-gimme-that-pudding-non-corporate-artist to a mindless corporate drone of an abused housewife (mentally speaking). He does what you want to lessen the amount of explosive tantrums--anyone would, in that situation. You have him happily trapped, because he's too nice, too blind and too insecure of a guy to leave you. "Marrying" him helped you put a lock on that.

And I wrote what I wrote when I wrote it because I sure as Hell didn't want to expose Chelle to anymore of your bullshit. I didn't want to endanger her life or mine each time we got into your car with you and you got pissed off at something random and started driving like everyone on the road was in YOUR way. Thank you, asshole, for putting everyone in the car at risk because you were pissed off. I can only hope and pray that your Outer Asshole doesn't some day get him killed. Chelle doesn't like the shit that she's seen you pull either, so I speak for her when I write all of this.

I wish I could blame you wholly for the destruction of mine and his best friendship, but we all had a role in it. Mine was perhaps the biggest, seeing that I'm the one who got you two together. But yours was the second biggest role in it, seeing that you couldn't stand to see us keep the relationship that we had whenever you were around (or even not around). Thank you, BTW, for making his life a living Hell during that time when you were deep-down satisfied that you'd caused a schism between us with that lying/manipulation that near-year that we weren't talking. Don't think that I don't know what you did when that was happening. It "surprised" you when I found the bullshit you wrote in your alternate diary, so you're really not as smart and secretive as you think you are (pathetic). His role is...well, he knows what his role is and doesn't want to do anything about it/doesn't want to grow up, be a man and put his foot down on your shitty behavior. You've succeeded in convincing him that putting up with your shit is worth more to him than proactively being the best friend that he was to me before (funny how "bros before hos" only applies when you're not the ho), so congrats on that.

So you won. You won, after all of your little pissy tantrums, your bitchy comments, your manipulation--you won! Doesn't it feel great to win? Sure would make a mother proud to see the kind of big man her little girl's become.

One day he just might grow up as well. You best watch out for that, because grown ups don't put up with the kind of bullshit you dole out. They grow up out of innocent blind eyes and start to see things for what they really are, not for how you've painted over them to be. G-d help you when that happens.

*Selfish as in you sure didn't want to share his brotherly love with anyone but yourself, though if it was just a problem with me, then you're just a fucking asshole who didn't and refused to comprehend the kind of relationship we did have.

EDIT, JUNE, 2008: P.P.S. If you really think that your celebration matters in the grand scope of things, your ego (and guilt that seems to make you think about us in the first place) is much more bloated than originally thought. But hey, whatever makes you feel good, right? Felt sooooooo good to finally be rid of two of those pesky "friends" of Dean's that he would've--G-d forbid--had to take time out of your precious totalitarian rule over his life. But hey, thanks for scaring the Hell of out Chelle during the times when we did hang out, too. Really appreciate that. Big man you are.

Oh irony towards the people who come commenting here randomly and off-topically. I probably should've turned off comments, LOL.

EDIT, JULY 2011: Opening this post again because it's true and even more ironic, as the asshole that I addressed this to was incapable of keeping my ex-best-friend happily sheltered in a house of their own because he was too stupid about his loan and his job (as if we didn't see all of this coming). Yeah, they lost their jobs and their house and had to move away to Mommy's (dickwad in this posts's mommy, not Dean's).
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I really seem to like what you have to say. I like your style. I noticed that you are in Ratties with me and I also noticed that you are in the Hillary Clinton community with me. We already seem to have lots in common!

Do you mind if we add each other?

Heh heh, uh. sure. It's bizarre that you should comment on this post, though, since it's probably the meanest bitchfest I will ever write to an individual. >___>
Off topic, but do you know how to convert M4V files to Mpeg or DVD?

I would say get PSP Conversion (I don't remember what it's called... >_>) But it converts files to .mpg4s.
I love your attitude and staunch support for Hillary -- I've seen it on Clinton_2008 and politics_forum.

Would you mind if I added you? It wouldn't really be of any detriment to your friendpage -- I filter everything to death :P It'd just mean having an extra reader :)

Sure, no problem. :)
I know this is off topic but do you know how to download a video on youtube or myspace?

I only know how to do the YouTube ones. I'll msg you.
How to download videos from youtube, I've been trying but can't figure this out. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Sent you an LJ message about how to.
...completely unrelated, but hi there, Jewels sent me. :V

Uh...hello? XD?

I see. And why she believe that?
you're one of those poor little oppressed white men, aren't you? i have seen the attitude before. everyone is out to get you, and your life is bitter and miserable "because of" other people. you also seem to have issues with women in general. have fun with that. and with posting in strangers' journals for no good reason. you, you gave me a reason with your popping in acting like a damn fool.

OH I GET IT. you're one of those stupid, bitter clinton 'supporters.' bet you sold out the cause to vote for mccain and palin because you were being a stupid fucking little baby about your girl coming in second. way to cut off your nose to spite your face. fucking immature. you're pathetic., serene_orange is actually friends with a cunt like you? i'm surprised, i really thought you were some fucktard trolling her journal. well, you are, just a fucktard she apparently knows. that's a shame.

I just love armchair psychologists.


December 27 2008, 14:41:02 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  December 27 2008, 15:07:48 UTC

What a miserable little dick. Geez. Talk about immature.

Oops, sorry, I think that's a 'she'.

So she's a miserable little cunt herself, then. Either way, this misery doesn't really care for her company. She can suck on Obama's cock all she wants. Maybe she'll get to blow him in his $9 million dollar rental pool while complaining about the measly $150Gs "Sarah Palin spent" on her wardrobe.
I don't pick my friends based on who voted for who or what their political leanings are. If I did that, I wouldn't have many of the friends I now have, and if they picked their friends by whoever shared their political beliefs, they'd be missing out on a great friend in me. I have my own opinions. I will write about my own political opinions in my own journal (which I don't do often), but I'm not going to put my political opinions in others' journals and belittle their own opinions, as some have done to me. I may share my opinions, and they can be discussed in a manner that does not include name calling and ridicule; when it gets to that, the discussion stops. If a person can't comment without snide and stupid insults because they're RIGHT and you're WRONG (or left, or whatever), then they're not much of an activist for their own party. All they're doing is showing that the members of their political party are all just like they are. And who would want to share beliefs with someone like that?


8 years ago


8 years ago

lols, you're WHITE???

Apparently so. Does this mean I have teh White Privilege nao?


8 years ago


How does it feel to be a little fucking fucktard who voted for Obama/DemoRAT and now the REPUGNICANS in across the states are putting up anti-abortion laws left and right? You fucking little piece of shit liberal retard...didn't you know that it doesn't matter who the fuck the President is and that you need to worry about who makes it into power in the states and the legislature? It ALWAYS happens this's called checks and balances, moron. When that fucking moron Shrub was in office, no one was touching the abortion laws...and they would NOT have touched them if we'd had McCain in there (it would've just been the status quo for Repugnican Pres/Dem Majority Senate/Legislatures across the land). But now you have your precious Obama bin Fucktard up there and the Repugs are in power elsewhere and everywhere and you've got Tea Party tards pushing the Repugs to pass these idiotic laws.

You are a piece of shit who does not know how the political game works, and every time some clinic in Kansas closes its doors I LAUGH at you and pity you, because YOUR mentality lead to this shit. Asshole.
Off topic but where is that youtube video about the Weather Underground, some Obama$$ voted for him and didn't know about his ties with them. I've been looking through your journal but can't seem to find it. I love how much Obama$$' know his history.

I'm sorry I didn't get to this earlier.

It is on Google Video. It's simply called The Weather Underground.

Show media Loading...

The movie was Oscar nominated (I forget if it won, it might've) for Best Documentary. You can find it easily on, but the link on Google Video should always work (the filmmakers don't care that it's online, they put it online, but that direct link wasn't working).
Thanks :)